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¡°The HMCI maintained a list, a directory of suppliers for spare parts and maintenance of vintage cars. So we decided to just get them all together in one place and exhibit their goods.¡± The Autojumble is in its third year and attracts around 50-60 establishments and companies. It currently takes place only in Delhi, though Titus said other cities are ¡°a distinct possibility¡±. Of HMCI¡¯s 220 members, 120 are based in Delhi. The event, held at the Riyasat Greens lawn on the Sultanpur Mandi road past Discount sh, had six rows of about 10 orange tables, each with a banner announcing its occupant. These ranged from spare-parts sellers-most of whom are based in the Motor Market near Jama Masjid and import rare components of cars that are out of production-to regular antique sellers offering ¡°period-correct¡± decals such as an enamel signboard for the US-based oil company Texaco or a print of a Lux poster featuring Meena Kumari. An advertisement for the 1950s Mercury Monarch (¡±Ride like a king!¡±) was on sale for Rs300. Film music from the 1940s blared from a tinny speaker.

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Between two rows were auto repair manuals from the 1980s on one Discount tiffany canada and a collection of decanters shaped like Rolls-Royce grilles on the other.

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