Christian Louboutin to design rugby-inspired footwear

Christian Louboutin is designing a shoe range inspired by gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas. The legendary christian louboutin shoes maker is close friends with the sportsman ¨C who came out in 2009 ¨C and the pair reportedly met for lunch in Cardiff last month to discuss the new collection, which will be called ¡®Alfie¡¯, Gareth¡¯s nickname.

Christian Louboutin megan.irene Christian_Louboutin_Shoes-210-01 ugglouboutina Christian Louboutin, luxorium luxorium

A source told The Sun newspaper: ¡°Christian is working on a casual shoe range, with Gareth as the main inspiration. He¡¯s really chuffed about it.¡± While christian louboutin has a popular menswear line and last year designed a range of sneakers with DJ Swizz Beatz, he is more famous for his high-heeled creations ¨C which are a favorite among a host of celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss.

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