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Take ralph lauren polo shirts, a garment that has been introduced in many sports because of its advantages over traditional uniforms. Despite the popularity of the polo shirt has grown exponentially since its development, not many people know how he came to be. I was so fascinated about it, but I do not know much about it. Therefore, find information and share it with everyone.

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In 1929, Lacoste made the polo or cotton pique tennis shirt in a loose point, with a button collar Lacoste design mitigated the problems that traditional tennis clothes created:. In short, cuffed sleeves resolved the long-term trend sleeves rolled down. The soft collar may be easily removed by un-buttoning the purse. The quilted neck could easily be carried upward to block the sun from the neck. The jersey knitted cotton pique breathing. The ¡°tennis tail¡± prevented the shirt be removed from the user¡¯s pants or shorts.

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